Wednesday, September 25, 2013

14 months old!

I skipped last month because I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue monthly updates, but I'm back! Zach is now 14 months. After we got back from vacation, he caught some sort of stomach virus and was sick for several weeks. He's fine now, but we're dealing with temporary dietary restrictions from the virus still. Despite all that, he's doing great! He actually gained a pound and grew an inch while he was sick, so he's now 20lbs 2oz and 29.5 inches tall. He's a very busy boy.

He took swim classes. He liked it, except that he didn't want to float on his back. But he loved being in the water.

He likes to try to climb.  He tries to climb this weight bench almost every day and tries to climb over the baby gates and into the tub.
He loves checking himself out in the mirror.
And, about two weeks ago, he started walking! He is all over the place now. We sit down for a minute and he's gone. He takes off down the hall and chases the cat. The animals are his best friends and he loves to play with them. Zach is also trying to dance. It's so cute! He kind of sways back and forth and looks so happy.