Sunday, October 20, 2013

15 months old!

Zach is fifteen months old! He is truly so much fun. He's walking every where and is a very busy boy. He has started mimicking a lot of things we do. If we talk on the phone, he holds his hand to his ear and pretends to talk. He likes to come in the bathroom with us and pretend to brush his teeth. He tries to help sweep the floor and pretends to stir in the kitchen. He also mimics the dogs by sticking out his tongue and panting.  

Zach loves the playground. He climbs the stairs to the top of the castle and sits there watching everything around him. He can't get down! He hasn't figured out how to climb down the stairs yet so he sits there until someone comes and rescues him. He also loves the sandbox and the swings.

Zach would be outside all day every day if we let him. He spends the morning running from window to window checking on things until we take him out. He is obsessed with the city bus and loves to wave to it whenever it passes.

If there is one thing Zach is not, it's shy. He waves and smiles at everyone whenever we go out. He especially likes the pretty girls, but really everyone is his new friend. If he tries to wave to someone and they don't respond, he yells until they wave back. He once had a whole row of people at Old Country Buffet waving back! This can get tedious when we're trying to get him to eat, but I love how outgoing he is.

Zach talks quite a bit. He says dog, cat, kitty, bus, hug, kiss, mama, dada, gramma, done, go, hi, and bye regularly. He also says a few other things, but I think I'm the only one who understands him.

He can recognize a dog no matter what it looks like and gets all excited when he sees one. However, most other animals are "cat." We sometimes go to story time at the ASPCA and they bring an animal for the children to pet. He loves this! Zach and his grandma also go to story time at the library almost every week. He loves books and usually has several out that he leafs through all day.