Thursday, May 10, 2012

29 weeks 5 days

I had an appt with Dr. S today. It was pretty routine. They checked my blood pressure and it was normal at 117/76. I haven't gained any weight still. He listened to baby's heartbeat and said it sounded good. He was able to feel baby from the outside and said he's still breech and curled up around my belly button. I told him I've been having trouble sleeping and he suggested that I take benedryl before bed to help with breathing and sleep.

We've been getting out cloth diapers ready for the baby. So far we have about 18 prefold flat diapers, one newborn cover, and 3 size small covers. I have ordered one more NB cover and one more size small. A friend is giving me 9 more prefolds and we registered for a few more. I also bought a few pocket diapers from a friend that we are thinking of using for nighttime.

Upcoming events:

5/17- Cervix check
5/24- Dr.S
5/27- PA baby shower
5/31- Growth scan

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