Saturday, September 22, 2012

2 months old!

On Thursday Zach turned 2 months old! He is getting a fun little personality. He loves music and will "dance" if something he likes is playing. But he can't fall asleep with music on because he gets too distracted to sleep. He is still sleeping in our room, but we plan to transition him to his crib in a few weeks. However, he is sleeping really well! He usually wakes up only once at night. He sleeps for 6-8 hours, then wakes to eat and goes back to sleep for another 4 hours usually.

 He loves the giraffe that hangs from his bouncy seat and sits and "talks" to it and swats at it. They are BFFs. One time, he was in the seat and babbling away at it and then he started to cry. The next thing we knew, he had punched the giraffe and sent it swinging! I couldn't help but wonder what the giraffe had said that was so mean!

We packed up his newborn sized clothes on Thursday night and he is in 0-3 month sizes exclusively now. He still wears newborn size diaper covers though. He is exclusively cloth diapered and we love it.

His head control is really good, even though he hates tummy time on the floor. Usually if I put him down on his playmat, he tries to push up for a few minutes, then just lies facedown on it and goes to sleep. Or pretends to sleep so he doesn't have to do tummy time! I have a video of him doing tummy time, but I can't find it on my computer. It is on Facebook though. 

As long as he isn't sleepy or hungry, Zach is the happiest little guy. He gives us big smiles and giggles all the time. He loves baths and any time he gets to be naked or just in a diaper. My favorite part of the day is when he has just woken up and I am getting him dressed. He stretches and kicks, all while smiling and giggling at me. I love it!

Just for fun, here are some outtakes from our 2 month photo shoot:

Zach's 2 month doctor's appointment isn't until October 5th, so I will update with how much he has grown and how he did with shots after that.

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