Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Four Months Old!

Yesterday Zach turned four months old! He had his 4 month pediatrician appt on Saturday. He's now 12lbs 9oz and 24 inches tall. He's on the 25th percentile for everything and on his growth curve. The pedi said that his head and neck are looking much better, but that he still wants us to see the neurologist next month. Zach starts physical therapy tomorrow. He also went to the eye doctor yesterday and she told us that everything is fine and his eyes look great.

He's been up to so much this month! He is grabbing and holding onto everything. Then shoving it into his mouth. He likes to taste everything. :) He is also getting really strong and loves standing with support. He is just starting to try and sit up from lying down. He rolled from front to back a day after turning 3 months old, but has only done it a handful of times. He hates tummy time and that's his way of getting out of it if he is in the right position. He doesn't roll all the way from back to front, but he is trying. He rolls onto his side and sort of squirms to get to the place he wants to go. He's gotten very vocal and babbles, squeals, and giggles throughout his day.

We started solids this month! We tried oatmeal first, but he didn't like it and it gave him a belly ache, so we switched to rice cereal at the recommendation of the pedi. He tolerates it much better, but only eats a tiny bit at a time.

I can't believe he's already 4 months old!

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