Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Neuro and 6 month doctor's appt

I've been hesitant to write this post because this update makes me sad. Zach saw the neurologist last Monday about the flat spot on the back of his head. He has to get a helmet. We had him fitted for it today. It was terrible. They used plaster to make a mold of his head. We had to hold him down while he thrashed and screamed. He hated it and I felt awful.  He should have his helmet in a few weeks. The doctors think that it will really help him quickly. His head has already improved. The left side of his head has rounded out and the helmet should round out the right. His ears and facial features aren't really affected. I ordered a cool pattern for his helmet, it's a red, green, blue, and white tornado pattern, so at least he'll look cool :). Also, PT has been great for him and is the reason why the left side of his head is so much better. His torticollis is pretty much gone except that he tips his head to the right when he's sleepy.

Zach also saw the pediatrician last week also. He's now 15lbs 7oz and 25 3/4 inches tall. He's gained 3lbs and 1 3/4 inches in two months! Huge growth spurt!

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