Sunday, November 27, 2011

Five weeks 6 days

Last Wednesday at 5 weeks 2 days, I had a third HCG level drawn. It was 1840! A great number for this stage! The nurse said she or another nurse from the office will call Friday or Monday to schedule an ultrasound. I told her that I have an appointment for a pap smear on Dec 8th that I scheduled 2 months ago and I was wondering if I could just make that into my first appointment. She said she will ask the doctor and let me know, but that they might be able to get me in for an ultrasound before then. While I would love to see the baby, I am worried that at 6 weeks, the baby will be too small to see anything. I have read that the heart usually starts beating this week and I really want to see that. If I go before it starts beating, it will really worry me that something is wrong. They didn't call Friday so when they call tomorrow, I will ask the nurse what she thinks I should do.

I also asked about taking a calcium supplement. I am concerned about taking one because they all have vitamin D. I take a vitamin D supplement already because I have a deficiency, and I don't want to take too much. The nurse said she's going to ask the doctor, but to try to find a prenatal vitamin with more calcium, since my current one only has 15%.

We just got back from spending Thanksgiving with Todd's mom. It was so hard to not tell her! But we discussed ways to tell her at Christmas and we are thinking about getting her an ornament that is grandma related, something like #1 Grandma, or I love Grandma. We also stopped by ACMoore and found a cute scrapbook for my mom. She does scrapbooking and we are planning to get her a bunch of baby-related scrapbook stuff. The book we found has a slot to put a picture so we will put the ultrasound picture there.

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