Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today is 35/35! It is a kind of mini-milestone in pregnancy in that I am 35 weeks pregnant and only have 35 days left until my due date. I'm feeling pretty good, but I tire easily and don't sleep well at night. I also have some achy-ness along the sides of my belly from stretching. Baby boy is about 5-5.5 lbs now and gaining about half a pound a week. I saw Dr. S. last week for my biweekly appointment and he says everything is going well. My blood pressure continues to be good and I'm growing right on schedule. I see him again this coming Thursday and then start weekly appointments. 

We met up with some friends last weekend. Jess and Mike got us a really cute outfit for the baby and also the Rock N Play so he has someplace to sleep. Thank you Jess and Mike!

My office threw me a baby shower yesterday afternoon. It was really nice. Everyone came out and made a ton of food. We got a lot of great gifts too! I have about a month left before I go on maternity leave so I have been working with a few coworkers to get them ready to cover my clients. 

Today we went out to Target and got a few things we still needed for the baby, including a drying rack, which we will use for cloth diapers, blankets, and handmade items. We also got 2 more crib sheets and the curtains for his room. We have a list of things that we still need to buy and plan to work on that shopping over the next few weeks. We also plan to get the carseat set up in Todd's car very soon so that it will be ready before baby arrives.

Upcoming events:

6/21- Dr. S appt for Group B Strep test and a few other tests
6/28- Growth scan and Non-stress test, probably also Dr. S but appt isn't made yet.
Then I will have appts for Non-stress tests and Dr. S every week until I deliver. :-)

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