Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eight months old!

Today Zach is 8 months old! He's a sweet, silly, funny boy. This month he learned how to give hugs and it's so cute! When you're holding him, he grabs your shoulders and says, "Mmmmm!" He is army crawling in reverse and sitting up like a champ. He loves any toy that makes noise and crawls around banging toys on the floor so they make a sound. He babbles all the time and sings when the radio is on in the car. He loves to eat and his favorite foods are meatballs and fish. His least favorites are bananas and peas. Zach loves bath time and we recently moved him into the big tub from the baby tub. He gets baths every night because the helmet makes him sweaty and he gets all excited when we bring him into the bathroom to get ready. I take his clothes off in his room and then sit him on the bathroom floor while I make sure the water is ready. Every night, he finds his bath toys in the bin next to the tub and digs them all out to go in the tub with him. It's adorable.

Zach is still in PT, but he graduates next month because he no longer has torticollis! I'm not sure if I mentioned that. He has full range of motion in his neck now. His head is also continuing to improve. He goes back for another helmet follow up next Thursday.
The angle isn't great on these pictures, but you can see that his head is getting rounder.

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  1. OMG! He is such an little man.. I can def see the difference in the pics! So glad the helmet is doing it's job!