Monday, April 22, 2013

Nine months old!

Zach is nine months old! I can't believe he's so big already. He's doing really well and is very smart. I wanted to list his favorite things and least favorites, but I'm going to start with least favorites first because there are fewer of those..

Dislikes- long car rides, banana, getting his nose cleaned, waiting for his dinner, teething


He's doing great with the helmet and it is really helping reshape his head. He's had it adjusted twice now and the orthotist said he will only need it for about another month.

The picture on the left was taken in January and the picture on the right was taken a few weeks ago. You can really see how much rounder his head is now.

Zach graduates from physical therapy next week. His torticollis is completely resolved and he is doing great.  He is working on crawling and finally figured out how to go forward yesterday.  He is very mobile and hates to be held in one place.  His therapist is very impressed with his progress.

Zach also loves to talk! It is mostly not real words, but he babbles like a maniac. If you talk to him, he "talks" back, sometimes very earnestly.  He really likes the pets and tries to pet and play with them all the time. Now that he's so mobile, he likes to roll over to where the dogs are lying and try to cuddle with them. They aren't quite sure what to do with him, but the cat loves the extra petting!

I almost forgot, Zach has been teething like crazy lately! He has gotten 3 new teeth in past 3 weeks, for a total of 5 teeth now. I think he's got one more tooth on the way in. 

Zach will see the pediatrician for his 9 month well visit on Wednesday so I'll update more then. Bye for now!

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  1. Love all the pics! I cannot believe how big he is and i'm thrilled for y'all that all of his issues seem to be getting better or are already gone!!