Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy First Birthday Zach!

Zach is ONE! We went to visit my family and celebrated his birthday there. At first, he wasn't so sure about the party.
But then he heard there was cake! Oooh, cake!

The cake was so cute! Thank you Aunt Susie and Aunt Rochelle!
Zach had lots of fun at his birthday party. He hung out with family,

Played with Miss Maggie,

And played on the swing
He got lots of nice gifts and had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came.

We had a great vacation with my family.  We went to zoo, played in the pool, had fun at Aunt Sue's house, and hung out with Zach's Great Grandparents. But his favorite thing was playing with his grandparents.

He even learned to say "Gramma" and "Grandpa." Of course, it comes out "Ga-ma" and "Gump,"but it's the thought that counts, right?

Zach got this cool toybox from Grandma Strauss. He loves Mickey and was so excited to test it out.

Zach isn't walking yet, but he's trying to take a few steps. If you ask him to walk to you, he'll say, "Can't," and go back to what he was doing. He's talking more and more. He's got about 10 words- cat, dog, Mama, Dada, Alldone (as one word), yeah, no, Grandma, Grandpa (see above), out, and down. He also will look at us very seriously and say, "Guh!" over and over. Not sure what that one means yet. He's a very noisy boy, which I love. He laughs, yells, and shrieks all the time. Of course, that's not always good.

We saw the pediatrician yesterday. Zach is 19lbs 4oz and 28inches tall. He's pretty little, so the pedi wants us to add more fats to his diet, like butter, avocado, olive oil, and peanut butter. But Todd has always been small so that may not help. He's healthy though and that's what matters.

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  1. Love the pics! cannot believe he's 1 already! Hope his 2nd year is a great as his first!!