Friday, June 21, 2013

11 months old!

Zach is 11 months old! I can't hardly believe it. He's a man on the go these days. He's not walking yet, but he crawls really fast! He's up on all fours and speeding away.  He is also pulling up and cruising the furniture and slowly becoming braver and trying to stand unassisted. He loves exploring and now crawls all over the house checking everything out.  He's also eating everything in sight. He eats 3 solid meals a day now plus usually 4-5 bottles. His favorite food is strawberries and he could eat them all day if we let him. He really loves all fruits except bananas and watermelon. He still really doesn't like bananas, but will eat them if they are mixed with something else.

Also, Zach got his helmet off this month! He has to wear it at night until his birthday, but not anymore during the day.
He looks amazing!
This is Gordon, his orthotist. We're so grateful for all he did to fix Zach's head.

The first few days without the helmet were a little rough. Zach is clumsy and falls a lot, so there were a lot of tears and bumps on the head. He's getting better about catching himself with his hands rather than his head, but we're watching him closely.

We celebrated Todd's first Father's Day this month. We went to the zoo and out to dinner. Zach slept most of the time in the zoo, so I think we'll hold off on getting a zoo membership this year. He did get to hang out with a cool gorilla.
We got Zach a new car for an early birthday gift. He's too short to push it himself, so we push him around the house. He loves it.

Another good thing this month- Zach is now down to one doctor just like most other babies. He has been released from the eye doctor, audiologist, neurosurgeon, orthotist, and physical therapist.

Have a great month!

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