Sunday, January 29, 2012

14 weeks 6 days

I forgot to post about this sooner. On Tuesday I had an appointment with a high risk specialist to discuss possible problems with my cervix from my surgery. She was really really nice. She looked at my ultrasound shots from the NT scan and said that my cervix is measuring fine right now. She did an internal exam and said that it seems low and very hard, which is good. I tried to explain my surgery to her and she had never heard of it so she consulted with an ultrasound tech who agreed that they should monitor me for cervical length shortening. I will start with ultrasounds of my cervix every other week. If a change is noted, they will increase to every week. If it is getting too short, she will immediately schedule me for a procedure to sew it closed. However, she said that based on right now, she doesn't think I will have a problem.

In other news, my morning sickness seems to have gone away. I haven't thrown up in almost 2 weeks! I still gag occasionally when I'm hungry My lower back has been bothering me. I think it's my sciatic nerve. It bugs me when I get up from sitting for a long time, but it's not so bad. I am also starting to get a little bump, but it's kind of lopsided because of my chubb. No pictures yet, but maybe in a few weeks when it pops out more.

Coming appointments:

2/1- cervical length check
2/24- OB appt
3/1- Anatomy scan

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