Thursday, February 2, 2012

15 weeks 3 days

I had my first cervix check ultrasound this morning. They want the cervix to be more than 3cm long. Mine was 5.2 cm, so great! I'm not sure if that is shorter than last week, but I have read that it can change over the weeks. They are just watching to make sure it doesn't get shorter than 3cm.

After they got the measurements they needed, she took out the external ultrasound want and did a quick scan of the baby. I noticed that it wasn't moving and mentioned it. She said, "It's asleep!" She poked it with the wand and it squirmed but didn't really wake up. Its heart rate was 124 beats per minute. Taking after its mother already I see!

The baby woke shortly after I left the office and started moving all around. I have thought I could feel it moving since last week or so, but now that I knew just where it was, I'm sure of it. I only occasionally feel it and mostly when I'm sitting or lying down.

I go back on 2/16 for another cervix check.

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