Saturday, March 24, 2012

23 weeks

I had my monthly visit to Dr. S. on Thursday. When I got there, he came out and greeted me and then said I was having my Glucose Tolerance Test that day so I needed to go to the lab to get the drink and then come back for my appt. So I went down to the lab and drank the nasty sugar drink. It tasted like the syrup from the soda fountain at a restaurant and gave me an immediate head rush. I went back up to see Dr. S. and complained that it would have been nice if he'd warned me that I had to do that that day!

He answered a few questions I had including discussing the fibroid the tech noticed on my last ultrasound. He said no one had mentioned it to him so maybe the tech only thought she saw it and was wrong. He asked about whether I had scheduled Childbirth Classes and I told him that we have a class scheduled for April 21st. He said that they want me to have a growth ultrasound on April 3rd because my BMI is too high for them to get an accurate measure of baby's growth based on uterus size. He also said that they will keep measuring cervix length until 30 weeks and then reevaluate if they need to continue. He said that they want me to take it easy for the next 2 months, avoid heavy lifting, etc. so that nothing will come up. He said he doesn't foresee any problems but that he tells all of his patients that.

What's baby up to?
He loves bouncing on my bladder. He also likes to push out when I'm lying down and I can feel his back or something sticking out. He's kicking like crazy all the time too.

Upcoming events:
4/3- Growth ultrasound
4/14- Baby shower with Todd's family in NJ
4/21- Childbirth Class
4/27- Dr. S. monthly visit

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