Thursday, March 1, 2012

19 weeks 5 days- IT'S A BOY!!

We had our anatomy scan today. Everything looks great! Baby was measuring well and all the parts were there. The tech spent about half an hour looking at everything and measuring all the parts. Then he showed us some shots and measured my cervix. He said everything is normal but baby was being stubborn and wouldn't give him many good pictures, so he got the doctor who came and double checked the heart and then got us a few more pictures. She said everything looks great too.

Headshot with mouth open
Headshot with mouth closed
Mouth open again
Profile with head and spine
Alien baby- head to the left and tummy to the bottom

Arms and handsAck, there's an alien in my womb!

We are working on our registries and now we can pick more things out because we know that IT'S A BOY! The tech said he saw the boy parts but couldn't get a good picture because he kept crossing his legs.

We are pretty sure we're going to register at Babies R Us, Target, and on You can search my name on any of those and see what we like. The registries are sort of preliminary right now but will be finalized in the next few weeks.

Upcoming appts:

3/15- cervix check
3/22- Monthly dr visit
4/3- growth ultrasound

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