Tuesday, April 3, 2012

24 weeks 3 days

I had a growth scan today. Baby Zach looks great! He's measuring right on schedule and weighs about 1lb 8oz. I had my favorite tech today and she rechecked everything from the anatomy scan. She also made a point to make sure that he is indeed a boy. He is! His heart rate was 141 beats per minute and he was moving all over. She also checked my cervix and it was 4.47 cm. Even longer than last time! She mentioned that everyone (the drs, etc) is really happy with how my cervix is doing. She said that they will keep checking it until 30 weeks and I will have growth scans every 4 weeks. Everything looks perfect!
Here you can kind of see his jaw with his arm on the topAnother profile with arm3D face with arm in front
3D face with arm in front. I love his cute little nose in this one!

Upcoming events:

4/14- NJ baby shower
4/17- Cervix check
4/27-Dr. S monthly visit
5/3- Growth scan
5/27- PA baby shower

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