Tuesday, April 17, 2012

26 weeks 3 days

We had another ultrasound and cervix check today. My cervix is between 3.3 and 4.45cm long. The tech said this is normal and awesome. She said that my average for the whole pregnancy thus far has been 3.9 and that if I have another baby, they probably won't need to check it. Baby's heartbeat was 150bpm. He was kicking me the whole time we were looking at him. He also looks just like Todd!

Doesn't he look like he has Todd's facial features?ProfileWith all the ultrasounds, no one has ever shown me his feet, so I asked to see them today. Cute little feet!

We had our baby shower in NJ this weekend. Todd's mom threw it in her home and it was great! His aunt Arlene and cousin Charlene cooked all the food including fried chicken, lasagna, pasta salad, potato salad, and meatballs. A lot of Todd's mom's coworkers came and everyone was so generous! Baby Zachary got lots of clothes and toys, along with a convertible carseat, bouncy seat, a cute lamp, and NJ Devils Jerseys. We also got a bunch of diapers and wipes for him. Thank you Mom for the wonderful shower!

Upcoming events:

4/27- Dr. S monthly appt
5/3- Growth scan
5/27- PA shower

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