Thursday, July 5, 2012

37 weeks 5 days

Today I had another non-stress test and saw Dr. S. Baby passed the NST with flying colors. He tried to escape from the monitor a few times, but they had me turn on my side and that kept him in position. I had a short ultrasound to check his position and fluid level. He's head down and fluid level is normal. Then I saw Dr. S. and he said everything looks good. My BP was 113/70. I will see Dr. S again in 2 weeks because he is going out of town next week and I'll have another NST next week. I hope that Dr. S. is back before I go into labor, but I trust that he'll leave me in capable hands if I don't.

Upcoming events:

7/12- NST
7/19- NST and Dr. S.
7/21- DUE DATE!

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