Thursday, July 12, 2012

38 weeks 5 days

I had another NST today. At first the nurse wasn't too happy with him because he wasn't moving much. She came over and rubbed the spot on my belly where she said she thought his back was and he started moving. Seems that he was asleep! He started moving all around after that (no one likes being woken up!) and passed the test.  Then I had a quick ultrasound to check fluid and his position. He is head down and my fluid is normal. His heart rate was 136bpm. My blood pressure was good at 135/85- a little higher than usual for me, but still good.

I am battling a nasty sinus infection right now, which makes sleeping even more difficult than usual, but luckily I'm on antibiotics and it's getting better.

Exciting things are happening this coming weekend! Todd's friend is coming up from NJ and bringing the crib with him. Yay, we'll finally be able to finish the bedroom! And we get to hang with Ed and his daughter!

Upcoming events:

7/19- NST and Dr. S. appt
7/21- DUE DATE!!

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