Sunday, May 19, 2013

10 Months Old!

Today Zach is 10 months old. This is one of the few pics I could get with him sitting still, so sorry he's not smiling. He's all over the place these days. He is crawling on his belly, crawling on hands and knees, pulling up, and cruising the furniture. He is trying to stand without holding on, but he falls down.

 His favorite toy is his activity table and his favorite food is strawberries. He could eat a whole pint if we let him. He's really got the eating solids thing down recently and is eating everything in sight. He still isn't a fan of bananas, but he'll eat them if mixed with something else. He eats a mixture of purees and finger foods. Usually he has purees for lunch and finger foods for dinner, unless we're out to eat (then he usually has a puree pouch) or he has left overs from dinner the night before.
He loves to eat!
Zach saw the orthotists about the helmet about 1.5 weeks ago. They said he is looking great. He will have to wear the helmet full time until June 5th (his next appointment), then he will wear it only at night until his birthday.
Here is a comparison shot of his head. The center photo was taken in January, before he got the helmet. The rest are from a few weeks ago. Don't mind the booty, the only time he stays remotely still is in the bath!

This kid is crazy, funny, silly, and so loveable.

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