Friday, February 24, 2012

18 weeks 6 days

I had my monthly OB appt today. Dr. S was really positive and seemed happy with how things are going. My uterus measured right where it should be, right below my belly button. He checked the HB and said it was great, but didn't give me a heart rate number. He assured me again that my cervix was fine last week. He reminded me that my fetal survey is next week (like I could forget!). He asked if I had thought about a birth plan and if I am interested in Childbirth Classes. I told him that I am open to an epidural, but haven't thought much about anything else. I gave me information on Childbirth Classes, which happen at the hospital a few weeknight on a drop in basis and on the weekends once a month. Todd and I agreed that we wanted to take them so I signed us up for a Saturday class on April 21st. It is 5 hours and you learn about childbirth techniques and options. At the end you take a tour of the labor and delivery and get to see what it's like there. I'll be around 27 weeks then so it will be interesting to learn about. So we have that to look forward to!

Todd's mom also offered to throw us a shower for his family and friends in NJ the weekend before. We'll have a shower with my family over Memorial Day weekend. Todd's friend Ed also called earlier this week and offer us a crib that his daughter has outgrown. People are being so generous, it's great! On Saturday last week, we went to a consignment store to check out what they had and got great deals on a diaper pail and a really nice blanket that was originally from Pottery Barn.

Here is a picture of the blanket:

I like that it's a dark purple so it can be used for either a boy or a girl. If the baby is a girl, I am thinking about developing the rest of the room around the purple.

Coming up:

3/1- Fetal Survey
3/22- Next OB appt

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